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Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:29:46 +0000en-UShourly1http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5Weight loss exercises at homehttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/weight-loss-exercises-at-home/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/weight-loss-exercises-at-home/#commentsMon, 24 Oct 2011 13:27:52 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/weight-loss-exercises-at-home/Weight loss is very costly sometimes. The market has endless number of programs and products for weight loss. Almost all the people are aware of the basics of losing weight. More calories should be burnt and less food should be eaten. The importance of diet is as equal to that of exercise. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer or a gym membership. Such people can do weight loss exercises at home.

1. Going for a jog or a walk is the most basic and an effective form of exercises. One should follow this thrice a week. A brisk walk can be very beneficial for the heart as well. if one wants to get the best results of fat burning, this exercise should be done for 30 minutes. To make it more interesting a jog or a walk can be organized with a friend or a neighbor.2. One of the other weight loss exercises at home includes resistance exercises. In these exercises, muscles are given resistance by using the body weight. The examples of these exercises include lunges, squats, sit-ups, push-ups, step-ups and chin-ups. No equipment is required in this type of exercise. They tone the muscles and accelerate the fat loss very effectively.  Thus, these exercises should be done on alternate days. Walking should also be continued alongside. One should do 3 sets of these exercises. This workout is very fat burning and is surely the best.3. If one is ready to spend some money, exercise DVDs should be purchased. This will surely keep the person very motivated. This investment is very small as compared to the results which will be obtained later. One can find a variety of DVDs in the market. Every month new ones come in. The workout routines can be mixed up. One has to perform these exercises with a lot of dedication and commitment. It is very simple to be lazy and watch the TV, sitting on the couch. Instead of doing this a specific exercise are should be set up in the house. Everyday should be used up.

Thus, we can conclude that exercises are an essential part of weight loss programs. Even a person with a busy schedule is curious to know about the exercises which help in losing weight very quickly. The most important strategy of losing weight quickly is to combine the exercises with burn fat as well as build muscles. Unwanted fats can surely be melted if these weight loss exercises at home are followed regularly.

Get information in this article about weight loss exercises at home and on weight gain tips at Onlymyhealth.

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http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/how-personal-fitness-trainer-can-help/#commentsSun, 23 Oct 2011 08:27:24 +0000http://exercise.exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/how-personal-fitness-trainer-can-help/The need for a

Hire personal fitness training sessions at home or office.

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http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/personal-trainer-cambridge-home-exercises-montage-wmv/#commentsWed, 19 Oct 2011 02:27:43 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/personal-trainer-cambridge-home-exercises-montage-wmv/

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/personal-trainer-cambridge-home-exercises-montage-wmv/feed/0UFC Personal Trainer Game Reviewhttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/ufc-personal-trainer-game-review/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/ufc-personal-trainer-game-review/#commentsMon, 17 Oct 2011 17:27:25 +0000http://exerciseprogramsforwomen.exercisefitnesstoday.com/2011/10/17/ufc-personal-trainer-game-review/

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/ufc-personal-trainer-game-review/feed/0Tips For Getting Fitness At Homehttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/tips-for-getting-fitness-at-home/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/tips-for-getting-fitness-at-home/#commentsWed, 12 Oct 2011 05:27:40 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/tips-for-getting-fitness-at-home/A person is said to be physically fit if he or she is physically sound, healthy and he or she has the ability to perform physical activities well. Nowadays more than 60 % of people say that they don’t have enough time to running for an hour or hit the gym. But all these people want to be fit and get into better shape.

No doubt people all over the world are more and more health conscious, but most of them don’t know how actually complete fitness can be achieved. Although one can prepare his / her personal fitness plan provided some important tips and precautions have been taken into consideration, otherwise it can cause adverse effects.

Online books and videos about fitness training can be helpful to some extent but has the drawback of non confirmation that you are adopting them correctly.

If you can not visit gyms or health clubs and also are not able to make up your mind to rely upon books or videos, then the best option for you could be hiring a personal trainer for few days. Personal training sessions are very popular these days among people who want a focused fitness program designed for their individual needs and implementing it in the right direction at their own place.

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If you searching for a certified personal fitness training in UK then you should check out zara4training.com, an excellent choice for an in-home personal trainer.

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/tips-for-getting-fitness-at-home/feed/0Anaerobic Exercise ? What is It?http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/anaerobic-exercise-what-is-it/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/anaerobic-exercise-what-is-it/#commentsFri, 07 Oct 2011 07:27:27 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/anaerobic-exercise-what-is-it/If you’re fit and need to take it to the next level for your wedding, check out Anaerobic exercise. In its most basic definition, anaerobic exercise is a series of exercises that is intended to trigger the anaerobic metabolism inside of the human body. The primary focus of anaerobic exercise is to build muscle mass, but these exercises have also been used to build strength, speed, and power in athletes. The muscles that are developed from anaerobic exercise tend to be of assistance in performing physical feats that are short in duration, but high in their intensity level. If the physical activity level exceeds more than two minutes, then the components of aerobic metabolism come into play.

In French, the term anaerobic literally translates to “without oxygen”. Unlike aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises do not require the tissues of your body to consume continuous and sizable amounts of oxygen. In essence, during anaerobic exercise, your muscles are not powered by oxygen and glucose. Instead, they are powered by glycogen. Engaging in anaerobic exercises has been proven in scientific studies to strengthen an individual’s muscles, as well as their skeletal system. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises are required to maintain overall good health. The enlistment of a personal trainer may be needed to strike a balance between the two different forms of exercise.

Some of the most popular forms of anaerobic exercise include sprinting, running, jumping, stair and hill climbing, and isometrics. The key to successfully performing these exercises is to ensure that they are performed for brief and intense periods, generally no more than 4-6 minutes in duration. Small amounts of anaerobic exercise can be incorporated into a person’s daily routine by lifting hand weights while they watch television or wearing ankle weights as one walks throughout their day. Once the person’s overall physical fitness level has improved, he or she can begin to incorporate other forms of anaerobic exercise, like swimming or rowing, into their daily workout regimens.

If one chooses to begin engaging in anaerobic exercise, it is important to first visit their primary care physician to ensure that they are in top shape. While most anaerobic exercises are brief in duration, they can place an intense amount of pressure and strain on one’s muscles, and an individual does not want to run the risk of injuring themselves. As always, following a proper diet and drinking adequate amounts of water each day are going to be essential to-do items to ensure that a person maximizes the benefits they receive from their anaerobic exercises.

Do you need to lose weight? Are you frustrated with your weight and want to see results? Click on how to lose weight to get you started on dropping the pounds today.

Donna Morgan at http://www.loseweddingweight.com.

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/anaerobic-exercise-what-is-it/feed/0Best Stomach Exercise For A Six-Packhttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/best-stomach-exercise-for-a-six-pack/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/best-stomach-exercise-for-a-six-pack/#commentsSat, 24 Sep 2011 22:27:25 +0000http://exercise.exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/best-stomach-exercise-for-a-six-pack/A physique is never complete and impressive without a lean, mean and strong mid section! Not only does a rock hard six-pack abs look damn fine, strong abdominals are vital in many sports and physical activities. In order to obtain fine abdominals, one have to undergo a healthy diet and laser targeted stomach exercises.

Sometimes it is hard to identify which are the effective stomach exercises that you should choose. Not to worry, here we have listed a couple of free easy stomach exercises to help you get you abdominal shield!

Best Stomach Exercise 1: Hanging Leg Raises

This is a powerful exercise for your abdominals. Hang from a bar with your legs hanging straight down. From there, raise your knees toward your rib cage. Do not swing or use momentum, just focus on squeezing your abs. You must keep your abdominals flexed. Use your abdominals to lift your legs up. To obtain maximum effectiveness, go slow and make your abs work harder. If you want to work your oblique, simply raise your knees to one side of your body.

Do not underestimate the side bridge. It may look simple but it can give you that burn you would not forget! Lie on your side with your legs straight out. Elevate yourself with one bent arm parallel to the floor. Hold that position for around 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side. Build up to at least 60 seconds on each side of your body.

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Chung Leong Yu -About the Author:

Yu Chung Leong is an experienced and motivated personal trainer for many years. He is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals. He writes many free weight loss tips at http://weightloss-ways.blogspot.com

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/best-stomach-exercise-for-a-six-pack/feed/0Things To Consider When Hiring A Fitness Trainerhttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/things-to-consider-when-hiring-a-fitness-trainer/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/things-to-consider-when-hiring-a-fitness-trainer/#commentsWed, 21 Sep 2011 06:27:21 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/things-to-consider-when-hiring-a-fitness-trainer/Lack of motivation can be an obstacle to maintain good fitness level. Regular exercise helps in keeping up with the motivational level, it is important that you should find it effective and fun.

Many people lose interest in exercise because of the monotonous routine and lack of appeal. This is where the role of a fitness trainer comes in so that your exercising routines are made interesting and you look forward to exercise everyday.

If you want to go for the right fitness program, a fitness trainer is the right person for you, as they know how to analyse a fitness programme and see if it is appropriate for that person. Hence, hiring a fitness trainer would help you in creating a programme that suits your needs and is according to the activity level you require for your exercise routine.

Before you get to the task of hiring a personal fitness trainer, a few things are important to be considered in order to choose the right trainer, and an exercise programme. First, the certification of the trainer comes. You have to see what kind of association/ institute has certified the trainer, as it would determine the quality of services you would receive. However an

Louise J Brian -About the Author:

Fitness singles can help in boosting your energy level and you can make routine training schedule.

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/things-to-consider-when-hiring-a-fitness-trainer/feed/0The Way to Find the Best Online Institution for Fitness Courseshttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/the-way-to-find-the-best-online-institution-for-fitness-courses/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/the-way-to-find-the-best-online-institution-for-fitness-courses/#commentsTue, 06 Sep 2011 23:27:03 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/the-way-to-find-the-best-online-institution-for-fitness-courses/Almost everybody nowadays are living a very busy lifestyle, be it work, family, career or studies. Most of the time we do not have time for activities such as exercise and sports that promote health and fitness. That is why online fitness courses are becoming more popular mainly due to its convenience and many other benefits.

Since fitness courses are offered by numerous institutions online we might get confused which of them is the best. Here are some tips that can guide you to find the perfect online fitness courses institution in Sydney.

1. Know what you are looking for.

Be specific whether what kind of fitness courses you look forward in taking because by this you are able to sort out the institutions offering the program. You can choose from the several fitness courses which focus varies from one another depending on your preferences.

To start building your career in the fitness industry, you can start taking up the Certificate III in Fitness by which includes activities in maintaining good health. If you want to become a personal trainer and operate your own fitness business you can take the Certificate IV in Fitness. Whilst Diploma of Fitness will allow you to become a fitness specialist by which you will train clients with serious physical and psychological problems.

2. Look for online institutions which offer several fitness courses.

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I am a 32 year old guy living with my girlfriend of three years in Sydney. I am currently employed as Human resource manager in one of the banks (won’t mention which, he he). I love surfing, going out to the movies or just hanging out with my girl or friends.

Visit ACNT for more information on fitness courses and other courses they offer.

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/the-way-to-find-the-best-online-institution-for-fitness-courses/feed/0Learn How Isometric Exercise Can Be A Low Impact, Highly Impactful Part of Your Exercise Routinehttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/learn-how-isometric-exercise-can-be-a-low-impact-highly-impactful-part-of-your-exercise-routine/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/learn-how-isometric-exercise-can-be-a-low-impact-highly-impactful-part-of-your-exercise-routine/#commentsFri, 02 Sep 2011 01:27:25 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/learn-how-isometric-exercise-can-be-a-low-impact-highly-impactful-part-of-your-exercise-routine/Isometric Exercise is a wonderful way to exercise the muscles while in a stationary position. Because it does not involve extreme joint rotations or stenuous activity, it is ideal for those with joint problems, heart murmurs, or various other medical conditions. Mainly, isometrics consist of contracting and relaxing muscles without changing the length of the muscle or the joint angle.

It was made very popular by early bodybuilders such as Max Sick and Charles Atlas. These men claimed that isometric exercise was their key to building such spectacularly powerful muscles. Unfortunately, when it was found that these gentlemen abused steroids, isometric exercise fell out of public eye.

Isometric exercise has become popular of late due to a recent discovery by John Little and Pete Sisco. In the past, it was impossible to measure the effect of isometric exercises. John Little and Pete Sisco managed to find a way to calculate the output of isometric exercises. Because of this, popularity surged yet again and people became more interested in these stationary exercises.

Many people will utilize isometric exercises in combination with other exercises in order to further work the muscle group. For example, if one was lifting weights and held the weight at the chest while squeezing muscle groups, the workout is effectively doubled.

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Owner of IsoBreathing Inc. and creator of IsoBreathing(R) Ellen has been teaching life style and fitness over 20 years and is a certified fitness practitioner and personal trainer. Find out about Exercise DVD – visit http://www.isobreathing.com.